Plans & Pricing

All PushMon features are currently FREE during this public beta period. We do request you contact us if you have any comments, concerns or want to obtain an invite/preview to use PushMon. We need your feedback to help us make PushMon better for everyone. We will eventually have different pricing plans, but rest assured we will always offer a FREE plan.

Here are our initial thoughts on pricing. These are preliminary and will likely change based on internal discussions and community feedback. Free accounts will be limited to 3 PushMon URLs. During this public beta, users can request for more PushMon URLs at no cost. A entity, like a person or company, can only have 1 account. Each user under the free plan gets four credits per month. For US and Canadian phone numbers, a phone alert consume 2 credits, while an SMS alert consumes 1 credit. Users get unlimited email, IM, URL and Twitter alerts. PushMon will have an open source plan, giving open source projects more features than the regular free plan.

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