PushMon Release 1.27

Modifications in PushMon 1.27 Release Improvement Allow users to configure receiving alerts by phone when the URL goes up. Bug Fix Fixed bug related to Daylight Saving Time (DST) affecting some schedules when there is a DST transition. Fixed some additional minor bugs

Issues with Google Talk and PagerDuty

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We are currently experiencing issues with sending alerts to Google Hangouts (GTalk) and PagerDuty. These are integration issues due to the changes in technical specifications from the above mentioned providers. We are currently working to resolve it so that you can continue to receive alerts on these channels. In the meantime, you can choose other channels for you to continue … Read More

Fiber Cut Downtime

PushMon was down from 2019-06-10 17:51:00 UTC to 2019-06-11 04:38:00 UTC. Our hosting facility had an area fiber cut which caused the 6+ hour downtime. Services are back to normal now. We are very sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.

PushMon version 1.26 Support for new Schedules

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You asked, and we listened! PushMon now supports additional schedules to cater to your application monitoring needs. New schedule: every 4 hours PushMon now supports every 1, 3, 4, 6, and 12 hours. New schedule clause: between h:00 AM|PM and h:00 AM|PM This is a major support available to all users. Do you want to monitor applications only on specific … Read More

PushMon Releases Public APIs for Easier Integration

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We have just released version 1.25, which exposes several APIs for all PushMon users who wish to develop their own clients on top of our Software-as-a-Service Platform. The following functionalities are currently available through the API: Get the list of PushMon URLs for the current user. Get a list of PushMon URLs with a specific tag. Get a detailed list … Read More

Scheduling Java tasks with Quartz Scheduler

Photo by Imonki72 from pixabay.com Want to make sure your daily backups are running? Take a look at PushMon, the easiest way to monitor your cron and scheduled tasks. Introduction There are specific cases that require a greater level of control and detail in scheduling tasks. Of course this is possible with Java’s TimerTask, but the work would be a … Read More

Windows Batch File Tips and Tricks

PushMon - Windows Batch File Tips and Tricks

Batch files have been around since the early Windows operating system. These are plain text files with .bat|.cmd|.btm file extensions, and when executed, the commands are interpreted by the Windows command-line interface. While Microsoft released a more advanced command-line tool called PowerShell (this is not installed by default), the native windows command line remains a popular choice for scripting. Here are … Read More

Scheduling tasks in Java with TimerTask

Image by Timisu from pixabay.com Want to make sure your daily backups are running? Take a look at PushMon, the easiest way to monitor your cron and scheduled tasks. Introduction The use of scheduled tasks is very common in large and medium-sized systems, mainly because they have several functionalities linked to the automation of tasks without human intervention. It is … Read More

How to Monitor your Linux Server using PushMon

NOTE: This is part 2 of a post on how to monitor your server. For pre-requisites and how to monitor a windows-based server, read this blog post. Quick Instructions Create a PushMon account if you have not signed up yet. Configure your PushMon URL to expect a ping every 15 minutes. Create a shell script on your Linux Server that … Read More