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Get notified if your websites, desktop applications, scripts, or batch jobs are not running as expected. Your website does not need to be public facing as PushMon works with intranets and secured sections of your website. It works with desktop applications, scheduled tasks, batch jobs, shell scripts, and anything that can call a URL. It can even be called manually via a bookmark in your browser. The only requirement is access to the internet to be able call the PushMon server.

Phone & SMS

You will always get notified by email if there’s an issue. For important systems, you will want to be notified anywhere you are. We can send SMS notifications so you get alerted on your phone. For alerts that cannot wait, get notified by a phone call.

URL Notification

Using URL alerts is a simple way to integrate alerts to your own notification systems. We will build an API soon, but this simple mechanism already allows you to customize and enhance the notification process.

Instant Messaging

Get notified faster via instant messaging. We support Slack. In the future, we will be able to support more instant messaging apps such as Discord and Telegram.


If you are a Twitter user, you can also get notified via Twitter Direct Messages.

If you would like to get notified another way, feel free to suggest that in our feedback & support section. We will work on the most requested features.

Comprehensive Schedules

You get alerted if your PushMon URL does not get accessed on schedule. Here are the schedules we support

  • every day
  • every weekday
  • every weekend
  • every endOfMonth
  • every hour
  • every 15 minutes
  • every 30 minutes
  • every 6 hours
  • every 12 hours
  • every Mon-Sun
  • every 1st-31st

Paid plans support the following schedules.

  • every 10 minutes

The dash “-” character specifies a range. If you only need something to run every Friday and Sunday, you can specify a schedule like:

every Fri-Sun

You can also use commas in your schedule. For example:

every Mon,Wed,Fri
every 1st, 15th

By Time

For daily jobs, PushMon supports By Time clauses, where you specify the exact time the check should occur. PushMon checks end of the day by default. The pattern is

by hh:[00|15|30|45] [AM|PM] every ...

Paid plans support the pattern

by hh:[00|10|15|20|30|40|45|50] [AM|PM] every ...

For example, by specifying:

by 8:00 AM every day

you tell us that that your URL needs to be checked at 8 AM every day. This does not work for minutely or hourly schedules, so you cannot say “by 8:00 AM every hour”.

Time Zones

We support all the different time zones. For example, if you are in Eastern Standard Time, you can use America/New_York. This is auto detected when you create your PushMon URL.

Alert on Demand

PushMon normally waits for a missing ping before it sends out an alert. What if you already know there is a problem and what to get notified immediately? That’s when Alert on Demand comes in. What you do is call your PushMon URL with the parameter “?alert=custom-message”, which will trigger an immediate alert. The custom message passed to the PushMon URL will be added to the email alert. Here’s an example of an Alert on Demand URL.,+we+have+a+problem.


You can add more PushMon URLs in your Dashboard. From there you can also pause or delete existing ones. The Dashboard is designed to work on your computer, tablet and mobile/smartphone.


Security is important, so PushMon uses 256 bit SSL enryption from Comodo.

No Software

PushMon is a SAAS (Software as s Service). There is nothing to install or maintain. Get upgrades and new features automatically. Get support from the PushMon staff and community.

API Access

Users of PushMon have the option to interface to its service using rest APIs, allowing them to develop their own software on top of PushMon. This gives endless possibilities on how to use PushMon to automate or customize features based on your needs. To know more about this, please visit the PushMon API wiki page.

More to come…

We have a lot of features planned in the coming months. This includes an API, Google Analytics integration and more. Feel free to suggest new features and help prioritize our task list.