Agile and DevOps: great union for IT

Agile and DevOps - great union for IT

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It’s been some time since devops and agile to walk side by side. Combining both has become the basic precept for any IT area, since that way you can get better business results. However, this union still generates much discussion.

To better understand the two concepts, it is interesting to note that all of DevOps’ efforts within an organization are geared towards enabling “value delivery” to customers and businesses as quickly as possible. In Agile, the priority is to satisfy the target audience through advanced and continuous delivery of valuable software.

In recent years, big names in the software market have realized the need to create the Agile movement. This was because these experts were tired of the way products were created and delivered.

From this need also appeared the Agile Manifesto, with principles and values that seek better ways to develop software focused on customers, people, quality and collaboration.

Fast and valuable delivery

To this day, “valuable delivery” is a mandatory term in disruptive projects. In this sense, it is understood that when the client uses software with all the functionalities prioritized by him, anticipating the return on investment (ROI), this delivery was successful.

In the past, the Agile and DevOps areas (development and operation) performed their activities independently, meaning each was responsible for their skills. However, with this model, failures and delays in deliveries became recurrent.

The scenario was transformed by the emergence of agile methods, which provided customers with constant and step-by-step feedback, thus enabling fast corrections to meet new demands and requirements.

These processes can also be accelerated with the help of the PO (Product Owner), part of a team that uses Scrum – or similar technique – to define and prioritize the backlog of a product or project.

Agile and DevOps together

DevOps comes at a time when acceleration is occurring. Good practices, automation and collaboration between areas happen to enable infrastructure management more quickly.

When Agile and DevOps go together, teams improve the flow of development and deployment by exchanging information about the project. In this way, it is possible to reduce the waiting time, great villain and greater responsible for waste in the project.

DevOps is much more than just creating roles in the company. It demands change of culture and mentality and this is the main challenge pointed out by companies.

To achieve success using both methodologies the first step is to automate processes that have been manual and slow for years. This is the only way Agile and DevOps collaborate in tune and reach the goals imposed by the digital age.

What is expected is to deliver value to the customer in advance. Without a doubt, companies that use Agile with DevOps will be better prepared for the innovation and Digital Transformation of their business.