Release 1.20 – Minor Release

This is a minor release to change some of the wordings in PushMon notifications: Alert Notifications “Schedule URL” in notifications was modified to “Schedule ID” to make it more accurate. PushMon URLs look like<Schedule ID>. Example: Phone and SMS multiple numbers support: You can now include multiple phone or mobile numbers using comma as a separator.

Release 1.19 – New Schedules, Multiple Phone Numbers

New features for PushMon 1.19 release: New Schedules every 5 minutes (Paid Plan) every firstSunOfMonth, every firstMonOfMonth, … , every firstFriOfMonth every lastSunOfMonth, every lastMonOfMonth, … , every lastFriOfMonth every X within N days (e.g. every 1st within 3 days) Already supported are “every X hours within N hours” and “every X minutes within N minutes” Multiple phone numbers Users … Read More