How to Monitor your Windows Server using PushMon

Windows Server using PushMon

PushMon is a powerful, easy-to-use service for monitoring resources and applications. You don’t have to be a technical IT professional to use it for your personal or professional projects. In this article, we will show how you can monitor your server and notify you when unexpected shutdowns happen.

Quick Instructions

  1. Create a PushMon account if you have not signed up yet.
  2. Configure your PushMon URL to expect a ping every 15 minutes.
  3. Create a batch file on your Windows Server that will ping the PushMon server.
  4. Create a scheduled task that will execute the batch file every 15 minutes.


Read more below for detailed instructions


  • You should have a PushMon Account. If you haven’t signed up yet, we have a forever-free plan, you can sign up here.
  • During sign-up, create a schedule and configure it to expect pings from your server every 15 minutes:

Monitor your linux or windows server using PushMon

  • Validate your account so that you can access the Dashboard page. It should display the URL which you will use to ping from your windows/linux server (e.g.

Windows Server

You can monitor your windows server using a batch file (e.g. pushmon.bat) and using the Windows task scheduler to execute the batch file at specific intervals.

STEP 1: Create the batch file that will ping PushMon
  • Create a new file named pushmon.bat
Monitor your Windows Server using PushMon

Click here to copy-paste the code. NOTE: change to your account-specific PushMon URL.

STEP 2: Set up Windows Task Scheduler
  • Go to Start and search for Windows Task scheduler. Create a new task and name it PushMon:

Monitor your Windows Server using PushMon

  • Go to the Triggers tab and create a new schedule:

Monitor your Windows Server using PushMon

  • Add an action that will execute pushmon.bat

Monitor your Windows Server using PushMon


Verifying your Setup

To verify if you have successfully set up your server monitor, you can check your dashboard page in PushMon and see if the URL was activated. It should show when the URL was last pinged:

Monitor your windows or linux server using PushMon

More Granular Monitoring

Our forever-free plan comes with a 15 minute granularity for ping schedules, and you can create at most 3 URLs. For systems that require very high availability and minimum down times, PushMon premium plans offers 1-minute granularity on its schedules, more URLs, and credits for SMS and phone alerts.

If you need this service, or you want to try it out, you can go to the Upgrade page anytime, and experience the full power of PushMon!