PushMon, Monitor Scripts, Jobs, Apps and Batches from the Cloud

Seymour, Connecticut (June 14, 2012) – PushMon.com, the first cloud-based monitoring application for scripts, jobs, apps and batches has been publicly released. It was developed to fill the need for an easy to use but powerful, push monitoring system which makes sure that websites, applications, scripts, tests and background jobs are running properly and on schedule. PushMon helps Information Technology professionals and technical enthusiasts monitor background processes that are often unmonitored or ignored.

Unlike existing hosted monitoring systems which can only monitor public facing services, PushMon is designed to receive signals from websites, internal applications, scripts, cron jobs and batches. This makes PushMon able to monitor internal resources without the need to open ports or firewalls. It provides a number of beneficial features to its users like SMS, phone, Twitter and IM alerts, and an advanced but easy to use scheduling feature – all of which helps the primary goal of making sure your systems are running and stable. It works with existing organizational infrastructures, and supports languages like Java, .NET, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, VBScript, JavaScript, shell scripts, and more.

PushMon is a product released from a research and development program and many monitoring-related experiences, where the team wanted to find a simple solution for monitoring batches, cron jobs, functional tests and internet connectivity. It uses Java, Spring, JPA, and FreeMarker running on Tomcat and MySQL; and runs on dedicated servers and AWS Elastic Beanstalk. It has gone through several months of testing and real world use before finally being released.

Even though the product is still on its beta version, it has a lot of potential as several companies are already using PushMon for their competitive advantage. The positive effect has been evident for these companies as they get notified of issues early and often. There is also the increase in efficiency that can be attributed to lesser time spent on monitoring processes. IT resources can now focus on the more important tasks in their respective organizations, which happen to be the biggest organizational impact that PushMon brings.

More than anything else, one can access PushMon using any web browser. Because it is a SaaS or Software as a Service, there is no need to install or maintain software. As long as there is browser and Internet connectivity, you are ready to use PushMon, and it only takes a minute to signup. PushMon is also designed to be mobile friendly, so you can use the website from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

PushMon founder Bienvenido David has this to say: “I have been waiting for a long time for a service like this. All I wanted is an easy way to make sure my cron jobs are running. I wanted to make sure we have working database backups. I wanted to make sure our critical batch jobs start and end on time. Before PushMon, you had to write a lot of code and make a lot of changes to monitor every possible scenario, and our less important jobs are often ignored.”

PushMon is free and will offer paid plans in the coming months for power users and businesses.