PushMon Offers New Features in Monitoring Scripts, Jobs and Batches

Seymour, Connecticut (May 28, 2013) – PushMon.com, a SaaS or “Software as a Service” monitoring application recently announced the release of its new and enhanced features for monitoring scripts, cron jobs and batches. The new features have been released in stages and batches to ensure the stability of each.

Bienvenido David, PushMon’s founder says with high confidence that the new features will provide more options and much easier user interface to all its users. All of these new improvements have made PushMon more powerful in effectively monitoring different programs and scripts created using various programming languages such as Java, PHP, PERL, JavaScript, Ruby as well as Windows Power Shell, AutoIt and C# without a person looking into it physically.

Below are the highlights of the important enhancements:

• SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) – Added SSL support for a more enhanced security.
• DST (Daylight Saving Time) – PushMon now supports DST (Daylight Saving Time).
• Monthly Report – PushMon now sends monthly reports. The report consists of a list of URLs with details of which ones are up or down and how many times it had a missing ping for the month.
• View Account – In the Dashboard, users can now view their account and review and update their details. The account page has also plan information.
• Improved User Interface through Chart and History – Users can now review which URLs are performing well and not during monitoring. The History lists the time of failed and successful ping time while the Chart provides them an easy way to see the data at first glance.
• Sample Code – Users can now easily create personalized sample codes accessible from the Dashboard. A generic set of examples is still available on PushMon.com’s Sample Code page.

In addition to these great new enhancements, PushMon has also removed its “invite code” in order to try and explore the application. Now, interested users who want to free their hands from monitoring their cron jobs and scripts can directly sign up and create PushMon URLs. Signing up is free and includes three PushMon URL credits.

PushMon is currently on its public beta period.