Release 1.19 – New Schedules, Multiple Phone Numbers

New features for PushMon 1.19 release:

New Schedules

  • every 5 minutes (Paid Plan)
  • every firstSunOfMonth, every firstMonOfMonth, … , every firstFriOfMonth
  • every lastSunOfMonth, every lastMonOfMonth, … , every lastFriOfMonth
  • every X within N days (e.g. every 1st within 3 days)
    Already supported are “every X hours within N hours” and “every X minutes within N minutes”

Multiple phone numbers

  • Users are now able to use multiple phone and SMS numbers to receive alerts from PushMon. Multiple phone numbers are separated with a comma.

    Multiple Phone Numbers

Schedule strings are now case insensitive
Schedule string validation now allows days of the week that are in lowercase. Examples:

  • every mon (saved as “every Mon”)
  • every friday (saved as “every Friday”)
  • every firstSunofMonth (saved as “every firstSunOfMonth”)
  • every lastfriofmonth (saved as “every lastFriOfMonth”)