Scheduled Application & Cron Job Monitoring Tools

Maintaining and keeping an eye on an application or a cron job can be a daunting task. If you are running multiple programs and monitoring them all is a requirement, then you need a help from one these monitoring systems.
PushMon is an easy to use monitoring tool that is designed to receive signals from scheduled scripts, batches, job monitoring and various applications. You only need to call a PushMon URL that you can integrate in your existing code or script. It has a very flexible scheduling system and various alerting options. The service provides sample code that support different programming languages like Ruby, Java, Python, VB Script, Bash and more. All PushMon features are free during its public beta period.

Alert Grid offers an easy integration to monitor various applications via simple Alert Grid API. It has data visualization which provides you with a quick glance of the performance of your applications through graphs and historical data. It will alert you via SMS, email and phone. Offers Free Account.

CronSentry is a free (during private beta) cron monitoring tool that alerts you when a job did not complete successfully, a job did not run when expected and a job took longer than expected to complete. You need to simply add a HTTP POST Notifications API call using codes readily available for various programming languages. offers an easy way to monitor cron wherein you only need to pipe in your cron’s output to their client. It checks the last time each cron ran and alerts you via email and SMS. Offers free account.

Dead Man’s Snitch is a simple monitoring tool that uses a unique URL created by DMS (any language that can fetch a URL) that you curl after the job you want to monitor. If the expected scene did not happen at the time and condition you specified, the tool will notify you. Offers free and paid plans.

IronWorker provides cloud developers a simple way to offload front-end tasks, run scheduled jobs, and process tasks in the background and at scale in any given platform. You need to add a code in your existing programming like Ruby, Phyton, PHP, Java, and .NET. Offers free account.

Manage Engine’s applications manager monitors sever and application performance in physical, virtual and cloud environments. Upon creation of a new script monitor, you are required to give the location of the custom script, attributes to be monitored, the Output File in which the output is going to be redirected and the polling interval. If something unexpected happen, it will trigger an alert.

Semonto is a server monitoring tool that uses a unique URL that you need to call in your existing script or server. When a server error occurs, the system will instantly alert you via email, SMS, Apple Push Notification or Twitter. Offers free trial account. is a notification service that notifies you whether a job breaks or did not run at the time you scheduled. The service provides scripts that can be integrated in any Ruby or Bash scripts and alerts you via SMS and email. Offers trial account of up to 45 days.

Proby is a monitoring application that keeps an eye on scheduled tasks executed by cron or some other scheduler. Your task needs to notify Proby that supports an HTTP API for sending task start and stop notifications. Proby notifies you via SMS and email. Offers free trial for 30 days.

Webcron is a global response time monitoring and downtime tool for server, website and router that provides integration in your workflow via API and alerts you when something is wrong. Notifications are sent via SMS or email.