Release 1.2

We have moved phone validation to the server side to improve page loading performance. One thing we learned is you don’t use Google Closure on your web pages. We tried to use the libphonenumber JavaScript library and the added download needed was close to 1 megabyte. So we had to remove the JavaScript library and use an Ajax call to … Read More

Release 1.1

We have released version 1.1 of PushMon. Credits Support Phone Validation Yahoo! Messenger Logout Fix Not Following @PushMonApp User Notification Midnight Support for No By Clause Schedules Email Retry One thing we are still working on is Phone Validation, which we are planning to move server-side.

PushMon, Monitor Scripts, Jobs, Apps and Batches from the Cloud

Seymour, Connecticut (June 14, 2012) –, the first cloud-based monitoring application for scripts, jobs, apps and batches has been publicly released. It was developed to fill the need for an easy to use but powerful, push monitoring system which makes sure that websites, applications, scripts, tests and background jobs are running properly and on schedule. PushMon helps Information Technology … Read More

every weekday Schedule

We just got a bug report that the schedule “every weekday” doesn’t act as what one expects. It checks for “pings” at the start of the day, from Monday to Friday. It should instead check for “pings” at the end of the day. Other schedules also have this issue. We are now working on fixing this issue and the fix … Read More

Private Beta Testing

We are now in private beta testing. If you would like to try PushMon, just visit and enter your email address. We will send invite codes as they become available. We are scheduled to go live on June 14, 2012. Thanks to the PushMon team for all the hard work!


Welcome to PushMon! We are working hard for our first release. We want to help our users make sure their systems are running smoothly. If you have any comments and suggestions, feel free to let us know.