PushMon Release 1.27

Modifications in PushMon 1.27 Release Improvement Allow users to configure receiving alerts by phone when the URL goes up. Bug Fix Fixed bug related to Daylight Saving Time (DST) affecting some schedules when there is a DST transition. Fixed some additional minor bugs

PushMon version 1.26 Support for new Schedules

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You asked, and we listened! PushMon now supports additional schedules to cater to your application monitoring needs. New schedule: every 4 hours PushMon now supports every 1, 3, 4, 6, and 12 hours. New schedule clause: between h:00 AM|PM and h:00 AM|PM This is a major support available to all users. Do you want to monitor applications only on specific … Read More

PushMon Releases Public APIs for Easier Integration

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We have just released version 1.25, which exposes several APIs for all PushMon users who wish to develop their own clients on top of our Software-as-a-Service Platform. The following functionalities are currently available through the API: Get the list of PushMon URLs for the current user. Get a list of PushMon URLs with a specific tag. Get a detailed list … Read More

Release 1.21 – Update Stripe Card Feature, Schedule Bug Fix

Release Notes

Modifications in PushMon 1.21 Release New Feature Update Credit Card For our paid subscribers, we have provided an interface so you can update your credit card information in Stripe. Simply go to the View Account page and the Update Credit Card button will be available. Note that PushMon does not store any of your card information. Bug Fix every lastXXXOfMonth schedule … Read More

Release 1.20 – Minor Release

This is a minor release to change some of the wordings in PushMon notifications: Alert Notifications “Schedule URL” in notifications was modified to “Schedule ID” to make it more accurate. PushMon URLs look like http://pshmn.com/<Schedule ID>. Example: http://pshmn.com/WgxnYk0 Phone and SMS multiple numbers support: You can now include multiple phone or mobile numbers using comma as a separator.