How to Monitor your Linux Server using PushMon

NOTE: This is part 2 of a post on how to monitor your server. For pre-requisites and how to monitor a windows-based server, read this blog post. Quick Instructions Create a PushMon account if you have not signed up yet. Configure your PushMon URL to expect a ping every 15 minutes. Create a shell script on your Linux Server that … Read More

How to Monitor your Windows Server using PushMon

Windows Server using PushMon

PushMon is a powerful, easy-to-use service for monitoring resources and applications. You don’t have to be a technical IT professional to use it for your personal or professional projects. In this article, we will show how you can monitor your server and notify you when unexpected shutdowns happen. Quick Instructions Create a PushMon account if you have not signed up … Read More

How to include PagerDuty on your PushMon URL

This guide will help you integrate your PagerDuty account to your PushMon account. 1. Configuring a New Service On your PagerDuty page, click on Configuration > Services. Click on Add New Service. Fill up information in the fields. Just make sure that Integration Settings is set to Events API v2 NOTE: One service is enough for all of your PushMon … Read More

How to Monitor Your Batch Job

A Batch Job is a program or series of programs that are processed in batch mode and intended to be executed by the Windows Command Interpreter. In many instances, a Batch Job is executed at times when a computer is idle or not in used because of its heavy demands on the computer. Even though a Batch Job is set … Read More